Lemon and Its Many Uses

Lemon is in the class of Citrus and one of the most multipurpose fruits on earth.  It is found everywhere and very affordable. This common fruit can be useful in the following ways:

As Disinfectant:  Lemon juice is very acidic and can be used as a natural disinfectant.  Its scent is good for humans but very uncomfortable to pests.


Preservative:  Pour some quantities of Lemon juice on your food for preservation.  Use it to replace chemically based ingredients in preserving your food.  You can also use it to cleanse your meat or fish.

Kitchen & Home Cleaning:  Lemon juice can be used to clean your kitchen utensil.  It is perfect for eliminating odor and bacteria.  Cut a lemon in 2 halves.  Use each half to scrub your cutting buds and other wooden products.  Leave it on for at least 10 minutes and rinse with clean water.  The result will be amazing.

Apart from the household uses of this wonderful fruit, lemon is also used for health issues:

Elimination of Body Fats:
  Drinking of lemon juice daily will help eliminate the fats in the body especially belly fats.  Cut 2 or 3 lemons into 2 halves and squeeze out the water into a glass and add a little water.  Drink it in the morning and night to achieve good results.  You can also use this method to reduce stomach and menstrual pains.

Cure for Pimples and Acne: 
  Rub lemon juice on the affected parts to clear the pimples and other blemishes especially on your face.

Is there anything this wonderful fruit cannot do?  If you know any other uses, please do share it with us in the comment box below.  It will be of great help to others.