How to Lose Belly Fat for Moms Over 40

The Problem of struggling to keep to shape after childbearing has been a major challenge for older moms.  Some of them after trying several methods have given up; accepting it as their faith and this has affected them both physically and emotionally. I am here to let you know that you can remove these fats with a little adjustment in your life style.

After the birth of my last child eight years ago, my tummy refused to go back to shape and this has been my major challenge ever since then because my type of job requires me to look good.  I have read and tried several methods to control this extra body until recently when I discovered that most of belly fats actually depend on the style of life you live.  Most moms in their 40s are always reluctant to take care of themselves.  They only concentrate on meeting with the requirements of making a family and before you know it, you are out of shape.  In this post, I will tell you the steps you can take to reduce your belly fat.

Strengthen The Belly:  The abdominal walls may have been weakened due to several pregnancies carried with it.  Make out a time each day especially early in the morning to work on your stomach to strengthen the abdominal walls.  There are several ways of doing this but I am going to concentrate on Moms who do not have all the time.  You can work on your belly right inside your bedroom, just take out 20 to 30 minutes and concentrate on the exercises that really target your abdominal area.

Try These Tips:

Tip 1

With your back on the floor, place your hands by your sides; raise your head to touch your toes.  You may not achieve this immediately you start but gradually you will.  Do this up to the count of 20; you can increase the count as you get stronger.

Tip 2

Still with your back lying flat on the ground, raise your two legs; try pushing them down to touch the ground above your head.  If you cannot do it at this time, get your child or someone to help.  Within some days you will be able to do it on your own.

Tip 3

Stand on your feet, raise your two hands up and leap like a frog.  Try to leap round your room and count up to 20.

There are thousands of styles you can do.  Try to learn more belly toning styles but the bottom line is that you must do exercises that will toughen your belly regularly.

Be Cautious of What You Put In Your Mouth:  The time of eating what is available is over.  Believe it or not, the cause of belly fat is mostly as a result of the kind of food you eat.  Sugary and fatty foods are the major cause of belly fat, and this calls for a major adjustment on your food consumption.

Eat Healthy Foods:  Losing fat does not require skipping of meals.  In fact skipping your meal will make you eat more at the long run so take your 2 or 3 square meals.  What is important is the content of the meal you are taking.  Avoid junk food; concentrate on fruits, vegetables, whole grain, white meat like chicken and fishes. Always make sure you have a good and complete breakfast that will fill your stomach.  Complete in the sense that all food components (Carbohydrates, protein, minerals etc) are present in the meal and eat your meals in small quantities.   This will help to avoid food craving and eating in between meals.  Look for chewable fruits and vegetable instead of snacks to complement your foods.

Eat Your Food Timely:  Try your possible best to eat your food at the right time.  Your breakfast should be eating in the morning and not at 11am.  You must make sure you eliminate every food in your stomach before taking your breakfast.  Lunch at midday, and dinner at 6pm to 7pm.  If you are really serious to eliminate your belly fat, do not eat dinner anything after 7pm.  Experts have confirmed that any food taken after 7pm is a poison to the body and stomach in particular.

Drink Only Healthy Drinks:  Take a lot of water.  It carries essential nutrients to the cells; it removes waste products like toxin from the body through urine and faeces.  Water also helps in breaking down the food that we eat.  So instead of taking carbonated drinks that will add to your problems, take water.  When you feel hungry and it is not the right time to eat, always fill your stomach with water until you are ready to eat.

Discipline is the key.  Try all these and you will see the amazing results that will wao! You.